I like boats.


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 Greetings, welcome to! Greetings, welcome to!
-<WRAP center round info 90%> +What you will find here:
-This site has recently migrated to a new web host, so you may notice some odd behaviour (hopefully just better availability!). It has also moved from to, to save precious moments in typing. +
-{{:outrigger-canoe:​p1010407.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} +[[:boats|Boats]] that I've owned / made
- +
-What you will find here:+
-[[Boats]] that I'​ve ​owned / made)+Other [[:projects|]], mainly stuff I've made.
-Other [[projects]] (things) ​I've made.+A (n excessively large) collection of [[:links|]] to websites ​find interesting or useful.
-(n excessively large) collection of [[links]] to websites I find interesting or useful.+([[:​contact|contact me]])
-testing editing+{{  :​outrigger-canoe:​p1010407.jpg?​nolink&​600 ​ }}
-([[contact|contact me]])