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imgal is a bash script that creates an html gallery from a directory of images.

The generated page is xhtml 1.0 and css 2.1 compliant. The gallery is simply a whole lot of images, which are then formatted using css. I chose this over using a list as it looks better in browsers not css capable. When a page is resized, the images “flow” to redistribute, so it always looks good.

Focus is on simplicity and clean code, not features. If you want features the script is easy to modify!

Depends on graphicsmagick, although very simple to change to imagemagick. Unzip the file and read the readme for usage instructions.

Download here! (2kb)

And, of course, see an example. Personally I copy the gallery div into an existing page, with appropriate css of course. Update: I now use DokuWiki to run the site, which does all the image stuff automatically. It's fantastic!

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