I like boats.


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 +====== Small boat links ======
 + ​Warning,​ this page is soon going to be deleted, the links will be added on other pages in the site! 
 +[[http://​​staff/​gm/​dhboat1.htm|Building the DH boat]] , A double ender made from 2 sheets of ply. Plans + instructions!
 +[[http://​​boats/​plankrat/​index.htm|Plank rat]] , Two planks for the sides, simple!
 +[[http://​​03/​r/​designs/​sandpeeps/​sandpeeps.htm|Sand Peeps]] , This is probably out of an old magazine.
 +[[http://​​applepie/​index.htm|Apple Pie]] , Free plan for a small pram.
 +[[http://​​42m_skiff.htm|]] , Free plans for a few small boats. Yay
 +[[http://​​2007/​08/​27/​a-challenge-for-home-boatbuilders-a-sweet-10ft-clinker-built-double-ended-skiff/​|10 foot double-ender,​ clinker built]]
 +[[http://​​plans.html|free skiff plans]]
 +[[http://​​01/​articles/​twig/​index.htm|Accidental rowboat]] , This is one tiny boat!