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Sailing Canoe Links

Artemis Sailing Canoe Kit

First we built Tin Dragon Building pics of tin canoe (this one with an outrigger)

Tin Canoe Ballina May'11 There's a whole bunch of nice Australian canoes from corrugated iron.

Yakaboo , Designing and building a sailing canoe. Skin on frame.

Canoe Sailing magazine

Dragonfly canoe

Historical archives , This is a collection of canoe sailing resources. Don't forget to search the database! and the photo archive! And the line plans! and everything else!!


Canoe and boatbuilding for amateurs , A book on canoe building, very old. Very cool.

Bufflehead sailing canoe

Beth , A 'box boat' sailing canoe. One of my favourites! See building pics here. More info here and here.

Oves Segelkanotsida , A modern sailing canoe site, in a different language :(

Historic Canoe & Kayak Association

Jim Vandenbos

Canoe sailing resources 2005 , lots of Links to ebooks here!

the same site i think

Setting up your canoe , How to add a rig and sail your canoe.

Open Canoe Sailing Group , A uk-wide club for those who like to sail canoes, kayaks etc.

canoe sailing , Check out the different rigs!

American Canoe Association , The national sailing comittee. sounds official! Cool site though.

Open Canoe Sailing Group UK


Fletchers rig , How to add a rig to your canoe

Micmac Journal , a very nice stripper (lol) sailing canoe building journal

Canoe an Boatbuilding for amateurs

Discovering the Cruising Sailing Canoe

The Boys Book of Canoeing

The Modern Sailing Canoe , The history and development of the International Canoe.

International Canoe , Even more history of the International canoe.

Alone in the Caribbean , A true story, also see here

Canoemates , fictional

Canoe Cruising and Camping , This book has a lot of very nice photos

The Evolution of Canoeing

Canoeing, Sailing and Motorboating

Canoe Handling

Build A Sailing Canoe

A Thousand Miles in The Rob Roy Canoe


A Drop in Rig , A small sail to put in a kayak or canoe.

Tasmanian sails for sea kayaks

Bowdish and son

William Clements, Boat builder , 2 Very nice sailing canoes. Also look in the gallery!

Solway Dory , Commercial sailing canoes and accessories.

Emubo Boat , Have a look at the ephemera, the solo dancer and the tremolo.

16-30 class

Gilbert , a 16-30 sailing canoe.

Canoe sailing , sailing the 16-30 class canoe.

16-30 sailing canoe progress , On the woodenboat forum.

Building a rig , the basics for converting your kayak to sail.

'Caleb' - My 50/50 Canoe

Always the Sailing Canoe...

canoe sailing magazine

Kayak Sailing Project

One Man's Sail Rigs

Paul Butler's Canoe Fly

‘Breeze’, a Modern Sailing Canoe

Hiawatha canoe , very nice canoe = very nice pics

how to make a sailing canoe

The Wigeon: A Sailing Canoe

making a sail , kayak sailing wiki

The making of a sailing canoe, 1915

Mediterranean avenue , Check this out. Especially the 'rudder like butter'.

Easy Aluminum Fittings For The Wigeon

veleiro k

water lilly sailing canoe

16-30 forum thread

IC site, great pics

skinny , a sharpie sailing canoe.

ALONE IN THE CARIBBEAN , Being the Yarn of a Cruise in the Lesser Antilles in the Sailing Canoe “Yakaboo”, BY FREDERIC A. FENGER. 1917.

Sticks and strings rig , Simple to make rig.