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Sail Links Wing sail video youtube Wing sail thread proafile - Peter worsley circular cam

general sail making

Junk Rig

Chinese Junk

AYRS Lecture on junk rig given by the Junk Rig Society

Linnea , This site is about sailing a 36 ft junk rigged boat.

Chinese Lugsail , An archived page, may load slow.

A Polytarp Junk Rig ,

How to Make a High Performance Polytarp Junk Rig, on duckworks.

JESTER: A SHORT HISTORY , A famous ocean crossing racing junk rigged boat.

Junk Rig, cruising resources

Junk Pics

Junk Sail on a klepper

Junk Sail, a tutorial , On the cheap pages.

Voyage of the dragon kings , A traditional style junk.


Video: Setting a topsail above a reefed lugsail

Mast and Sail in Europe and Asia , An e-book on various historical rigs. Don't miss!

Gaff Rigs

Square rig dugout

The fastest rig , Is it the lateen, the gaff, the sprit, or the bermudan? (page 1, 2, 3)

A crazy rig (pic) genius!!!!

Moondance , A sprit sail with a topsail. Never seen that one before!

Tuning traditional Sailing Rigs , How to tune lug and sprit sails.

Rigging the Goat Island Skiff , How to set up a balanced lug rig.

The Times and Tools of A.P.Lord , An ebook about a sailmaker of days gone by.

The Crabclaw Rig , An article on the suitability of the crab claw rig for cruising.

The Bearpaw Rig , Kind of like a kite on a stick :)

more Bear Paw sail

balanced rig

Fleche prototype , A mast aft sort of lateen sail.

canoe sail reefing

a polytarp junkrig

an instant sailboat

Sailing on a Latino in the Med

Junk Rig links

The Dhow of Racing , Modern lateen sail boats. BEAutiful

Vela Latina Alghero , An italian (I think) lateen rig site)

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