I like boats.


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 [[http://​​watch?​v=-xIgXYpXamA|Video:​ Pirogue à voile]], tacking outrigger canoe. [[http://​​watch?​v=-xIgXYpXamA|Video:​ Pirogue à voile]], tacking outrigger canoe.
 ===== Modern proas and canoes ===== ===== Modern proas and canoes =====
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-//"Was worth the $6 before page 3..."//​ 
 [[https://​​watch?​v=wFaag72HoZU|Video,​ Proa: Tangaroa shunting]] [[https://​​watch?​v=wFaag72HoZU|Video,​ Proa: Tangaroa shunting]]