I like boats.

Pocket Yacht Links

Wrinkle Brig, 16 foot gaff rigged cruiser. A production boat with quite a few built.

Whaleback design , Decked sailing sharpie

Arrandir - Youtube , Video of a 14 foot ocean cruising boat.

The voyage of Acrohc , Around the world in a 12 foot boat.

Microcruising in the Bahamas , Several unique pocket yachts, all extensively cruised. Also check out the famous small boats page.

Paradox Johanna , A paradox pocket yacht site.

Paradox Zoe , Another great paradox site.

Tinkerbelle , Ebook. If you haven't read this you haven't lived!

Tinkerbelle Revised , Plans for sale for a small boat based on Tinkerbelle.

Sand Flea , An 8' cruiser, built for the Evergades Challenge. More info here

Famous Small Boats , A great list of tiny boats that have done big voyages. Lots of Links!

Sea Biscuit , can an eight foot boat sail around the world?

Interview with Sea Biscuit builder

Alone against the atlantic

Dodo , A 4.6m cruiser, designed to be easy to build. Duckworks design contest entry.

Pdracer , Ways to make your pdracer have a cabin.

Ocean Explorer , A small cruiser based on the ozracer hull shape, (which is based on the pdracer hull shape). An eight foot, square cruiser. And vids on youtube!

A big adventure

Sleeper , I quite like the idea of this boat. Simple and effective!


Peep Hen

Guppy and Sparrow Sailboat info page , Lots of good stuff here!

Around in ten , Check out the gallery!

Cruiser Happy , Wow… see pic here.

Swaggie Uruguay , A bigger small boat :-) See this page for a real small one.

Adelie 14 , Plans for sale from Bateau.

Adelie 16 , The bigger sister of the Adelie 16.

Building and Sailing "Millibee", a modified Lynx 14

Fafnir , A John Welsford design.

Pocket Cruisers up to 16' , Plans for sale from Selway Fisher, very nice!

Pocket Cruiser Guide


Arrandir video, youtube , A 14 footer used to cross oceans!

Super Small Boats

9 days in a bathtub

Tardis , A cool little cabin boat. More pics at the eastern messabout yahoo group.

Minuet Yachts , Very small keelboat one design racing class.

Minuet video, Youtube

Micro Yacht

Mini square rigged , The smallest tall ships I've ever seen!

The really small yacht site , The bestlooking small boats ever to be made!

Big Small Boats

Little Leon , A 16 foot scale replica of a brigantine.

Sailing Midget Ships , Pages from an old magazine.

1/13th Scale Model of HMS Belleisle

Happy Camper of POGO POGO , A