I like boats.

One Sheet Boat Links

One sheet boats are made from one sheet of plywood only. Small and cheap!

Epoxy Basics

Working with epoxy cleanly and efficiently, e-book by Russell Brown.

I made a one sheet boat myself, although not from one sheet of plywood.

The Pod , Tape and glue folding boat. Scow type hull. Very good free plans.

Explorer , Plans for sale for a take-apart boat, by the same designer as above.

1SHEET+ , And another modular one sheeter. (Plans for sale).

The One Sheet Skiff , One of the most popular one sheet boats out there. Uses chine logs instead of stitch and glue. Also this building acount

Mouse Boat (zip file) , Also a very popular design. info here. Pics here. Also a nice building log here.

micro mouse[zip file] , a smaller version of the mouse, flat bottem. Here is a very nice example.

One Sheet Coracle , A very unusual design!

flats rat , another flat bottomed version of the mouse

Simbo , This boat is pretty much a box that floats. It's very easy to build though.

Micro Auray Punt , A very good looking boat.

One Sheet Sampan , A sampan made from one sheet of ply. And also a nice quote at the top!

The Dug , Finally, a true one sheet boat! This kayak is made from one thick sheet of plywood and doesn't need any other wood.

HVS Hattory , This is a boat in the shape of a 19th century admiral's hat. And it actually floats!

The Prism , A lot of one sheet boat theory followed by the ultimate one sheet boat plans.

Versions of the prism , Ultimater versions of the prism.

Halfpea , The smallest semi-decent dingy in the world.

One Sheet Challenge , This is pretty much a brainstorm of how to make the perfect one sheet boat. Especially the Fat Little Skiff looks very promising. Pics!

Harley-8 (pdf file) , Detailed instructions for making a one sheet boat. + sailing instructions! Also these launch pics and technical details of a slightly modified version. And here's another one! And a video.

Same one

Same one?

And another harley 8.

Baby canoe , A 7-1/2 foot canoe! Construction article.

Atomic Shrimp , The building journal of a one sheet canoe, with outrigger.

Joe's double paddle canoe

Mini Sharpie , Another one sheet skiff. Good building instructions too.

A mini sharpie building log

One Man dinghy , Email for plans. Not sure if they're free :(

One Sheet Seakeeper

Little Fat Boat(.pdf) , A double ended one sheeter. Also these launching pics and some modifications. The little fat boat gets a sail! And here are some sailing pics.

CubCanu and Cubcanu mkII , a great little boat. plus a second slightly modified version. Download as msword documents from the site, or, for the mkII have a look on this site.

Origami Pirate Ship , A one sheeter with a rounded stern.

Delta Boat , A double ender. With building instructions.

LU-Loonie , Another double ender. This text file also has the building instructions, and here it gets a bear paw sail.

Dogboat , Coordinates for a one sheeter.

Crackerjack , Plans for sale for a very useful looking one sheeter.

Coordinates for a 1_sheeter

Lewis Boatworks One Sheet Boats , I just keep finding more of these one sheeters! Here are 6 more; the Roamer, RoamerV, Max Capacity Johnboat, TombStone, OneSheetPunt and OneSheetPuntV.

Beanboat , A small canoe. Picture

Johnn Wright's One Sheet Skiff , Near the bottem of the page a picture of a very racey looking one.

One sheet kayak

Twig , A sort of square box dinghy. You need to join, then go to Files - Boat Plans - Turtle's Twig. Here's an example!

Brat , Similar to the little fat boat. You need to join, then go to Files - One sheet boats.

Cat Sled , Small catamaran. You need to join, then go to Files - Jeffs Sled Cat

OS Boat , Very nice canoe-like boat. You need to join, then go to Files - One Sheet Boat by T. Lee.

Bojak, Tubby, UFO, Swamp Boat , A new Yahoo group about one sheet boats.

Island Bay Dory , A one sheet dory design.

Ke-Pau , Plans for sale for a scow paddleboat.

Kid-Row , Plans for sale for a small skiff.

John Wright's creation , Sort of folded, very cool. Here is some more information.

Baby Kate 6' , A toy lapstrake canoe.

What, another one sheeter! , A little tortured ply canoe. Not very detailed.

DK8 Junior Kayak , Plans for sale for a nice little kayak.

Folding "Pirate Ship", and more , Also a half sheet boat. Now that's cool! Very entertaining site.

Putz , A little kayak.

From the same guy as above

The last of the one sheeters. , Another little kayak. Cutting plan included.

What, another one sheeter? , A canoe type design. Just a concept.

One sheet creation , Nice pram type boat.

Banana Shark , V bottom kayak.

Pete 6 , Plans for sale for a sailing pram.

Little guide canoe , A fantastic design! Building pics. And check out that fleet of models!!

Little Sailor , Another fantastic design by the same as above.

Flo-mo , And here's some more goodnes…