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Model Yacht Links

free model yacht plans

"Rock All Night" - Designed "outside the box" from the ground up; influenced by latest Open60 & 70 designs.

Bottle Yacht , Very detailed building instructions for a footy class yacht, made from a plastic bottle and various other easily found items.

Footy plans Ranger, Awk, Bug 3, Razor3, Moonshadow, Bob About, Razor, Cobra and Papay III

Footy plans Sneaker

XL25 plans and instructions , WARNING!! the site is in dutch (get “Bouwtekening” and “Zelfbouwhandleiding”) then use some sort of translator (

Starlet 36 , I think you could build a boat from this but it wouldn't be easy!

EC12 or , Good luck finding them on the site!! (or click here [pdf plans])

Anthology of ship model plans , plans for the Mayflower, Wappen von Gamburg, Roter Lòwe, Mirny, Architectura Navalis Mercatoria, and an English Galleon.

Basic Jolle , here are the instructions, and building photos, use babelfish to translate (unless you speak German of course!!) If you speak dutch or want some more pics download these [pdf plans].

Kon Tiki , Free plans, a big rc polynesian catamaran.

10ft double-ended McLachlan skiff


Footy , This is a very popular tiny radio controlled yacht. (Free) Plans and kits are availible. Also check out FootyUSA, kids boats + design spreadsheet

Sail Footy UK (How to page)

Seadarcraft , control line models, a very good idea!


Opti plans , I suppose you could use these to build a model.

Starlet 36

Dolfin , This is the manual for a boat but you can steal some ideas from it :)

Klompzeilen , The ancient dutch tradition of sailing clogs!

Modelzeilen startpagina

Model book , An ebook on how to build model ships!!

Coarse , Build models the cheap way!

Kiwi radio , A New Zealand model yachting site

Lester Gilbert

R-boat , How to make a bread and butter hull (click on Pond Boats and then on Follow the progres…)

Vintage Models

EC12 , Get the free plans! (pdf plans)

Hull model boat group

Ship Modeling for Dummies , Part of a book, includes some video's!!

Anthology of ship model plans , Lots of info on modelling tall ships

FAQ , The ship model builders FAQ

Lumber Mill , Why not cut your own lumber for your models?

Model Ship Builder

Star 45

Stirling engine , Bread and butter hull construction

Simplicity Model , Sheet balsa construction.

Strange Paintings

Sneaker Footy , Free plans + video for a tiny rc yacht.

Basic Jolle , An rc yacht thats ideal for everyone! German though :( (pdf plans)


The 2 Foot Skiff

Cardboard warship , Sure, why not?!

Kon Tiki , Free plans, a big rc polynesian catamaran.

Demo Footy Section , Some very original footy pics

Mr Smith's Amazing Sailboats , High speed model boats.