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DOS Links

Internet for DOS

DOS Software Mirrors

Java for DOS

Waba for DOS , Java for DOS!! Also graphics I think.

Single Floppy DOS

How to assemble your personal operating system in a floppy disk

Creating a boot disk with CD-ROM Support

FreeDOS(TM) kernel snapshots , The FreeDOS kernel site. Useful if you want to make a small DOS system.

FreeDOS Kernels, SourceForge , It seems the above site is offline, here are zip files available with the same stuff in them.

Balder , A boot floppy based on FreeDOS

Assembly Language Programming

DOS GUIs and Menues

Game Sites

Specific Games

Clonk , A fun mining/tunneling game. Also windows versions.

Duke Nukem 3d , Great first person shooter.

Doom , Another first person shooter

Text Only Games/ Interactive Fiction