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Computer Links

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Video Editing Some documentation on how I work with my video files, so I don't forget. Info on MOV's and deshaking.

Handy software: ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver. Best tool for mounting ISO files as a virtual drive in win 7.

ClipX, fantastic little program which gives you a history of your clipboard. (Can copy lots to the clipboard and access it later. I've set it for CTRL-SHIFT-V to bring up the clipboard history.

CAD/3D Modelling Software

CadStd - Cad Standard Lite freeware and inexpensive Pro software. , Create Engineering/Mechanical/Technical/Architectural scale drawings with this computer-aided design (drafting) software.

Envisioneer Express

Artifice DesignWorkshop Lite - Free 3D home design, walkthrough, and rendering software , Free download version of the most powerful 3D home design software! Fast, fun, and affordable 3D modeling, walkthrough, and rendering software for home design and architecture, from initial sketches to polished presentations.

avoCADo :: Open Source 3D CAD , avoCADo, a new open source 3D CAD project for engineers and artists alike!

VARKON - A Parametric CAD-tool , The homepage of the VARKON system

BRL-CAD | Open Source Solid Modeling

Sweet Home 3D , Make a 3d model of your house!!

Art of Illusion , A simple but powerfull 3d modelling program. My favourite!!

Blender , Another very popular and very powerfull 3d modelling program. Not so simple though!

Teddy , Make 3d models simply by drawing! Also paint them and animate them.

Aero , A simulation program.


Delftship , Free boat design software.

Medusa4 Personal , Engineering CAD software.


Sluggy Freelance

MegaTokyo - relax, we understand j00 , MegaTokyo the Comic


Penny Arcade! - Long, Long Ago , Equal parts comics and commentary, Penny Arcade features Tycho and Gabe, the alter egos of creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Read about the antics and thoughts of the Penny Arcade crew, updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Real Life Comics - The Online Comic ©1999-2008 Greg Dean

PvPonline : Webcomic, PvP is....Hmmmmmm! May the Fourth be with you. , The popular geek-culture related Webcomic by Scott Kurtz.

xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe

Comics - , - Comics, Animations and more!

UserFriendly.Org , User Friendly the Comic Strip

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