I like boats.

Canoe and Kayak Links

Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

Canvas canoe

Bamboo Canoe , Very beautiful. Also a blog here.


A Canoe You Can Build , A canoe build using the tortured ply method. Step by step with photos. Also I found some more pictures. And a Building Log. Another one.

Canoe an Boatbuilding for amateurs

fanny the 6 hour canoe

The Evolution of Canoeing

Canoeing, Sailing and Motorboating

Umbrella Canoe , A folding canoe. Building Instructions.

La Mina - a laminated plywood canoe

Build Your Own kayak , I like this design!

The little dubber

Frame Wagner Canoe , making a bark canoe, from plywood :-)

Ultralight canoe

Folding kayak , There are many many versions of this plan online.

A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe on Rivers and Lakes of Europe , A book by the “father of canoeing”.

Paper canoes

Proefkonijnen - Kun je varen in een papieren bootje?

Mark's Paper Canoe project

building a paper canoe

Ken's Paper Boat Page , Many interesting articles about paper canoes, and other paper constructions.

Voyage of the Paper Canoe , Book: “a geographical journey of 2500 miles from Qulbec to the gulf of Mexico, during the years 1874-5”.

how to build a paper canoe

Christian' Paper Pirogue Project

skin on frame canoes/kayaks (aka canvas covered)

Yostworks , Kayak Building Manuals

The Folding Aluminium Baidarka Homepage

Wolfgang Brinck Small Boats , Building logs, essays, history. Very interesting.

Flyfisher's kayak pages

four hour grip clip kayak , You can build a kayak of green willow shoots, a blue tarp in just four hours!

the canvas kayak website , has a good pdf on applying the canvas to the hull

Greenland Style Kayak , Building log with lots of pictures.

Gentry Custom Boats , Traditional designs with modern construction.