I like boats.

Farr 3.7

The Farr 3.7 is a fast, lightweight one man trapeze skiff. It's designed for people in the 65 to 80kg weight range, and is a lot of fun! See the class website for more information.

(Sailing at Tauranga!)

I managed to obtain a “combo deal” of two 3.7's and a trailer. One of the boats (#37) was built by a professional boat builder, and was in pretty good condition. There's a class certificate, and original building plans! The other (#24) needs quite a bit of work, and is of unknown origin.

I did find a small crack in #37 which on further inspection was a bit more work to fix. It was next to an old repair, and the damage of the old repair extended a bit further than they thought. This meant there was a section where only the top veneer of ply was still intact. Repaired this one with a slightly time consuming and nice-ish repair.

Not long after another crack opened up in the false floor. This turned out to be another section of old repairs that had let go. At this point I decided to just start patching things up a bit rougher, and eventually just replace the whole floor.

I've also made a little trailer: