I like boats.


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 Designer: Bruce Taylor Designer: Bruce Taylor
-{{blackfly:​stem-small.jpg|image}}===== About The Design =====+{{blackfly:​stem-small.jpg|image}} 
 +===== About The Design =====
 <WRAP round box 250px right> <WRAP round box 250px right>
-[[https://​​ecom/​gb.php?​cl=252339&​c=ib&​aff=289907|{{:​advertising:​epoxybasicscoverthumb.jpg?​nolink|}}]] +[[https://​​ecom/​gb.php?​cl=252339&​c=ib&​aff=289907|{{:​advertising:​epoxybasicscoverthumb.jpg?​nolink|Epoxy Basics}}]] 
-//"Was worth the $6 before page 3..."//+//Working with epoxy cleanly and efficiently,​ e-book by// Russell Brown
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​